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"This has been a great training and I think this is something I'll want to adopt every year."


"I just finished doing the new Breakthrough training and I have to say is this is the best end-of-year goal setting/vision planning I've ever done for my business! If you haven't done it yet, go do it this weekend! It's so good. I actually feel like I have an actionable, doable plan to get where I'm going instead of just a big, lofty audacious vision with no roadmap. Thanks James!!"


"I’m James’s biggest cheerleader! He’s constantly over-delivering & his help has catapulted my business and personal growth. The goal-setting advice he shares is no different! I totally appreciate his no BS, simplified approach to setting goals for abundant, productive, effective goals!

If you’re serious about sharing your gifts in a major way in 2021...then you need this guide."


"What I love about the way James approaches planning is that it engages both my head and my intuition. I've used it to create powerful visions of the business and future I want to create. I've used it to stay on track and avoid overwhelm. And I've used it to find clarity and get motivated again."


"James' process for setting goals has been incredible for simply becoming the person who naturally achieves the end result without the Soul Suck that comes from endless goal-chasing. His process allows the JOURNEY to be enjoyable, not just the end result. And the end result? Well, I've done over 30X my first goal just a year ago!"


"I used to be one of those over planners who would underestimate what can be done in a day. I got frustrated and easily distracted by all the shiny objects.

The goal planning process that James teaches is incredibly simple. Because it’s so simple, it means my goals get done. I had made in a quarter what I had previously made in a full year."


"Most people think that setting up business goals is the process of scientifically mastering quarterly numbers. However, thanks to James and Business By Design, I learned that this myth is far from the truth and that setting up goals is as much a Spiritual and Emotional Art as it is a Science.

James teaches his students how to DETACH from the outcome, and there just isn't anyone else teaching that."


"James’ unique goal setting process goes far beyond just setting goals and hoping you’ll achieve them to creating a clear success path so you can actually achieve them. Here’s the best part - the techniques James teaches go way beyond business and carry over into life. This year they paved the path for me to manifest a 750k beachfront property against all odds. Thank you James! "


"Mic drop (been waiting to say this!!)

Thank you James for the great read!"


Here's a preview of what you'll learn...

Why so many people unknowingly SABOTAGE THEIR GOALS as soon as they set them

Make new habits that will  ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS NEXT YEAR with zero overwhelm

Step-by-step breakdown of how to create QUANTUM GROWTH in your business this year

Why it seems like few people ACTUALLY HIT THE GOALS they strive for and how to make sure you do

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