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Caitlin Mitchell - "To have James and Stu and their knowledge is invaluable."


Carolyn Carpenter - "Join Tribe Through James Wedmore, You Won't Regret It"

It has been life-changing. There's no reason not to do it...You need to do it because it will save you so much time and so much money and so much energy. Just follow what they're doing. They're giving exactly what to do. So it's so astounding...Join TRIBE through James Wedmore. Get the best of both worlds, you won't regret it. Honestly, it is life-changing.

Michelle Lehnardt - "James' Instruction Helped Me Set My Message On Fire"


He helped everyone. I received a lot of personal help. I learned how to write better copy. I learned how to write better Instagram post, better emails. Everything that I'm writing is so much better now and I have worked as a professional writer for 20 years. His instructions really helped me set our message on fire and I have so much hope for the much possibility.


Nicole Begley - "James and Stu together are a Dream Team"

Stu has lots of great information to help you run that membership site. And James is a perfect complement for that because James helps you with really the most important part of your business. Which is everything that's going on in here. Everything that's going on between ears, all of that business mindset, even though mindset is not the best word. All of the inner work that really, that you need to do to start taking your business up to the next level...The two of them, together are dream team that can help you take your business to unstoppable.

Kimberly Spencer - "I Joined Tribe Through James for the Coaching Calls!"


I chose to sign up through TRIBE with James because of the coaching calls, because I'm an avid fan of the mind your business podcast and I wanted to experience his level of coaching for myself.


Magnus Zetterlund - "I Enrolled 110 new founding members after my launch, thank you Stu and James!"

Working with both Stu McLaren and James Wedmore was very very valuable for me. I think I feel like I couldn't have done this without the support and help and training from them...I can't think of a better role model than James Wedmore, really. He's not only like educating, it's even like entertaining. And while he's teaching, it's also lot of inspiration in there.

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